Subs information

Regular subscriptions are payable (preferably by bank transfer or standing order) at the beginning of each term or annually in advance. Additional charges may be levied by the section leaders for special events or to cover extraordinary costs. None of the leaders are paid, they are all volunteers.

There is a £15 fee to join the group but no fee to transfer from Beavers to Cubs or Cubs to Scouts. This one-time payment covers such items as the group scarf, handbook and badges.

Subscriptions are:

Scouts £26 (termly) £72 (annually).

Cubs £24 (termly) £66 (annually).

Beavers £20 (termly) £55 (annually).

Subscriptions are reviewed annually in September.

Please consider paying through gift-aid as this increases group funds at no extra cost to parents. Please complete the Gift Aid declaration form 2013. Further details are available from the Treasurer, Chairman or Section Leaders.