Camps & Pack Holidays

Ask any Cub or Scout what they like best about St. Sebastian’s and most will reply “camping or Pack holidays”. Most youngsters love being out of doors and the camps and Pack holidays are very special – certainly very different from school trips! It is a chance to try some special activities that cannot be done at the regular weekly meetings.


St. Sebastian’s Scout Group has purchased quality equipment which means your child will have the opportunity to camp in a tent at some of the best scout camp sites in the UK – Chalfont Heights and Earlywood, Ascot to name a couple. The Leaders are specially trained before they are allowed to take youngsters away on a camp or Pack Holiday. They take on the responsibility to look after the Cubs and Scouts with the utmost care and dedication. The Leaders will often need to take along extra adult help to assist with catering or equipment. This extra help may be Scouts, Venture Scouts, Instructors (for special activities such as abseiling, canoeing, etc.) or parents/guardians to help with general supervision (there’s always things to wash and wood to chop for the camp fire). It’s your chance to be a kid again!