10/09/2018Base meeting - getting to know each other games
17/09/2018Fire Safety with Wokingham Fire Brigade
24/09/2018Tracking & Trailing in Gorrick Woods
01/10/2018Investment for new Beavers/ food tasting healthy food
11/10/2018Library visit - Crowthorne
13/10/2018Chief Scout Award Ceremony
15/10/2018Dogs for Good/ Animal Night
29/10/2018Self-led planning in lodges + Log Chew
05/11/2018Remembrance Sunday - base activities
11/11/2018Remembrance Sunday
12/11/2018District Camp Fire
19/11/2018Gravity Force Trip
26/11/2018Night Walk to Chip Shop / Crowthorne High Street
03/12/2018Christmas carols / old folks home
10/12/2018Meaning of Christmas Party and Show