11/09/2017Wood Walk - Track,trailing & Using compassUsing tracking & trailing techniques during a short wood walk (note - NOT a compass) Spotting animal trails or tracks
18/09/2017Outdoors - Cook on fire,fire safety, fire drill
25/09/2017Healthy Eating - Make Snack/Poster
02/10/2017European Day of LanguagesWill be co-led by Katie Brandist (Head of French @ Edgbarrow School) and Antonia Rodriquez-Portela (Leandro's Mum - a Spanish speaker): - Saying hello in different languages - Learning about Beavers from other countries - including the promise - Playing a language game
12/10/2017Libraries Week - Crowthorne LibraryRan by Crowthorne library.
16/10/2017Diwali - World/International Activity & Cultures
23/10/2017HALF TERM - No Meeting
30/10/2017Guy Fawkes - Leaf Printing/Bonfire Collage/Make aGuy
06/11/2017District Campfire -1st Crowthorne - Edgbarrow School
13/11/2017Anti Bullying Week - Set Colony Anit Bullying Charter Setting a code of conduct (Scout guidance) & consequences of breaking it What is appropriate behaviour? Use Scout Bullying materials - games and activities - friendship Complete a Badge
20/11/2017Gravity Force - Cubs
27/11/2017Aircraft Badge/Junk ModellingMake and fly a model areoplane using junk Set homework for another task to complete Air Activities Level 2 to complete the badge
04/12/2017Community Activity - Carols old Peoples Home
11/12/2017Log Chew & Christmas Party1) Log Chew - review the Autumn programme and identify what worked well and what would have been even better 2) Log Chew - agree focus for Spring term 3) Agree the content of a meeting and vote 4) Agree Lodge Leaders 5) Have a Christmas party!
18/12/2017Christmas Break - No Meeting
25/12/2017Christmas Break - No Meeting